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Comcast confirms $60bn plot to challenge to Murdoch deal with Disney
Comcast chief Brian Roberts has laid down the gauntlet to Rupert Murdoch by declaring an audacious bid to disrupt the mogul’s exit from global entertainment.
The Telegraph Published: 24/05/18
Juncker's 'torture tools' are useless against Italy's well-armed uprising
Brussels prides itself on well-honed ways to bring recalcitrant governments to heel.
The Telegraph Published: 24/05/18
BT signs four-year extension to football TV production deal
BT Sport has agreed a four-year extension to its deal with the specialist producer sports Sunset+Vine, in a move that cuts costs and secures coverage until its latest football rights deal with the Premier League expires.
The Telegraph Published: 23/05/18
Tesco admits defeat against Amazon as it closes Tesco Direct, putting 500 jobs at risk
Tesco has announced that it is closing its non-food website Tesco Direct, putting around 500 jobs at risk.
The Telegraph Published: 23/05/18
As Italy has shown, the euro is a far bigger threat to Europe than Brexit 
Italians are mad as hell about the permanent stagnation that the euro imposed on Italy
The Telegraph Published: 22/05/18
Royal Navy's nuclear submarines face £6bn black hole
Britain’s nuclear submarine programme faces a potential £6bn funding gap over the next 10 years, with serious questions over whether the project can be delivered on time.
The Telegraph Published: 22/05/18
Competition watchdog fires starting gun on probe of Sainsbury's £15bn Asda merger
The competition watchdog has confirmed it is looking into Sainsbury’s planned £15bn merger with Asda with an invitation for suppliers, customers and other interested parties to comment on whether they think the deal will harm competition.
The Telegraph Published: 18/05/18
Why Italy could yet blow the Euro and European Union apart
For the political class in the UK, Brexit has become an all-consuming obsession, sucking the oxygen out of virtually everything else.
The Telegraph Published: 18/05/18
Bookies brace for big hit as Government caps 'crack cocaine' betting machine stakes at £2
Gambling firms face a huge financial hit after the Government confirmed plans to slash the maximum stake on controversial fixed-odds betting terminals to just £2, from their current level of £100.
The Telegraph Published: 17/05/18
Dogfight over UK's pledge to buy American fighter jets 'could play out like the Westland affair'
Theresa May is under pressure to row back on a multi-billion-pound deal to buy the new generation of US fighter jets in a row being likened to the Westland affair.
The Telegraph Published: 17/05/18

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