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Amazon Alexa-Powered Device Recorded and Shared User’s Conversation Without Permission .
Amazon said that one of its Echo home speakers recorded a private conversation without permission and sent it to a person in the owners’ contact list, an incident that raises questions about the security of such voice-operated devices.
The Wall Street Journal Published: 25/05/18
Trump Administration Looks Into New Tariffs on Imported Vehicles.
The Trump administration is considering a plan that would impose new tariffs on imported vehicles on national-security grounds, the Commerce Department said.
The Wall Street Journal Published: 24/05/18
What’s Behind the Decline in Female CEOs .
The recent high-profile exits of a handful of women leaders—including Campbell Soup’s Denise Morrison last week and Mattel’s Margo Georgiadis in April—have drawn attention to the slim number of women at the top.
The Wall Street Journal Published: 24/05/18
Facebook CEO Dodges Tough Questions by EU Lawmakers .
Mark Zuckerberg apologized to EU lawmakers over the fake-news and privacy scandals engulfing Facebook, but rebuffed suggestions that the company has outsize market power and avoided responding to many difficult questions.
The Wall Street Journal Published: 23/05/18
J.C. Penney CEO Quits to Join Lowe’s.
Marvin Ellison is quitting his job as chief executive of struggling J.C. Penney to take over leadership of Lowe’s, another retailer in need of a revamp.
The Wall Street Journal Published: 23/05/18
U.S., China Agree on Outline to Settle ZTE Controversy.
The U.S. and China have agreed on the broad outline of a deal that would save imperiled Chinese telecom giant ZTE, as the two sides move closer to resolving their trade dispute.
The Wall Street Journal Published: 22/05/18
Oil Is Above $70, but Frackers Still Struggle to Make Money .
American shale drillers are still spending more money than they are making, even as oil prices rise. Only five of the top 20 oil companies that focus mainly on fracking managed to generate more cash than they spent in the first quarter.
The Wall Street Journal Published: 18/05/18
Legislation to Curb Chinese Deals Moves Through Congress.
After more than a year of negotiation, committees in both chambers of Congress are set to advance versions of a major bill aimed at blocking sensitive Chinese deals, heightening the chances the proposed legislation will become law this year.
The Wall Street Journal Published: 18/05/18
Shari Redstone Moves to Defend Family’s Voting Power Over CBS .
Shari Redstone fired back at CBS, moving to block the media company’s efforts to strip her family of voting control. In a power move to protect its position as the media giant’s controlling shareholder, the Redstones’ family holding company dictated a significant change on Wednesday to the rules of how CBS’s board operates.
The Wall Street Journal Published: 17/05/18
‘I Lost It’: The Boss Who Banned Phones, and What Came Next.
Many managers are conflicted about how—or even whether—to limit smartphone use in the workplace.
The Wall Street Journal Published: 17/05/18

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